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My Bachelor's Degree in Education from Northern Arizona University gave me the skill to teach English.  It also provided my minor in art where I took printmaking and drawing. 
Years later, I continued with art instruction in painting, an off campus ASU class with Woody Payne.  It was my first real painting class and I learned glazing with acrylics. 

As primarily a printmaker I studied Intaglio at ASU. My graduate work in drawing and painting came about when I received a grant from Alpha Delta Kappa sorority. 

Handset Type, Drawing Techniques of the Old Masters and Painting were genuinely thrilling advanced opportunities to learn.


I first wrote a journal at age seven on our trip from Indianapolis, Indiana to Glendale, Arizona. Years later I was compelled to write a story about my mother's last visit to her dying father, which I observed and kept in my mind. The short memoir, Thanksgiving, won the award for memoir in the 2019 Tempe Writing Contest.  Feeling hopeful and with the continued support of the Writer's Studio group at the Tempe Public Library, I wrote a complete book, still in the editing process, called Cloud Cover.  


Prismacolor pencils are my favorite drawing media.  I now draw mostly on wood as it enriches the colors.  More to come.

Acrylic is the media I am now using and with it come irridescent
amazing colors which come in handy for insects and butterflies.  I also like covering the canvas in a bold color, opposite on the color wheel of other parts of the painting.  This gives it power and liveliness.
Clay becomes something else when you can throw it or hand build with it. I am enchanted with clay and always will be. Mesa Art Center, I thank you.
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